Enter: A world of direct connections

Over the course of the past 20 years, the world wide web has altered business and society substantially: We are moving into a stage of hybrid reality, computer intelligence and, only potentially, human empowerment. 


In this context, the web as we know it, is about to vanish. New technology brings exponential changes, it disrupts standard customer-client relationships. It will also fundamentally change the way we think about processes and human interaction.


In Ennea, we believe in empowering the individual in the context of change: through direct connections between customers & suppliers and across societies. We believe in technology that allows people to be connected with their environment and the knowledge around them. 

Ennea is an investment & consulting company sponsoring innovative ideas that improve the way we live and interact. Through its investments & direct engagement with projects, Ennea seeks to foster substantial improvements in mobility, trade, travel & human health.


We invest in outstanding business ideas and helping recruit the most skilled people to scale them. Ennea hereby partners with excellent companies in their respective fields.


Beyond its investments in rising online, iOT and environmental industries, Ennea spends 10% of its annual revenues to support collaborative projects in developing regions (Africa, SEA, South America). We work with international organizations that help make the world a bit of a better place.